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Agritourism and agricultural company

Explore, enjoy, relax: Nacalino awaits you!



Nestled between the dry stone walls of the Modican countryside , among leafy carob trees, a few kilometers from the sea and the archaeological site of Cava Ispica, stands "Nacalino Agriturismo", a typical 19th century farmhouse recently renovated.

It is a recommended destination for those who love tranquility, nature excursions in the pristine quarries of the Iblean plateau and visits to the baroque cities of Modica, Scicli, Ragusa Ibla and Noto. Furthermore, its strategic position gives the possibility of reaching well-known places of tourist interest in just a few minutes.

Nacalino Agriturismo

The farm

Nacalino is also an agricultural company that covers a total of 55 hectares. Divided into several bodies that exist both in the territory of Modica and Rosolini and in the following districts: Nacalino, Forte, Passo Parrino, Commaldo, Filoro and TImperosse.

Ancient grains, carobs, olive trees, citrus fruits, seasonal vegetables and legumes are grown using organic production methods.

With the fruits of our land we also prepare delicious jams, salted tomatoes and tomato preserves, all offered for sale.


Our EVO oil

Filoro extra virgin olive oil is produced from the olive grove in the Frigintini hills, at around 400 meters above sea level. In this oasis of Modica the traditional and unique varieties of olive trees such as Moresca and Verdesa are cultivated. The olives are harvested by hand, starting from the beginning of October and never later than the end of the month. The altitude of the olive grove, the early harvest and the same-day milling in an oil mill with continuous cold extraction guarantee a quality product. After a short decanting pause, the Filoro oil is ready to be tasted in the company or shipped.

Olive Nacalino
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